For centuries birch has been used for it’s healing powers. Today, we know these are due to a potent class of compounds called Triterpenes, which exhibit immuno-stimulant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties.

For the first time, these synergistic compounds are available in quantities that allow you to bring innovative new products to the commercial market.

Powerful actives

Our natural birch bark extract comes only from the outer bark of the North American birch tree and is standardized for >98% Triterpene content consisting of mostly:

· Betulin
· Betulinic Acid
· Lupeol
· Betulin Caffeate

Proven efficacy

Studies show these compounds to have benefit in some of today’s most widespread chronic and acute health conditions:

· Chronic inflammation
· High cholesterol
· High blood pressure
· Diabetes/Obesity
· Liver & prostate health

Exceptional versatility

Our actives can be formulated as stand-alone products or as ingredients in multifaceted supplement formulations. Available in powder or liquid form.

Common dosage levels range from 150 – 400 mg per day depending on the application and delivery system.