From proof-of-concept to full-scale manufacturing, we offer industry leading expertise and processes to help you achieve commercial success.
· Rely on pharmaceutical grade compounds with 98% or greater purity levels
· Limit risk by shortening development times and customizing formulations
· Reduce R&D costs with the help of our extensive resource library
· Leverage the power of our partnerships with leading research institutions and API manufacturers
· Achieve scale quickly. We can supply your required quantity, from grams for research to thousands of kilograms for full-scale production

Our pharmaceutical actives at a glance


>95 % purity
>98 % purity

Our Betulin is a natural compound isolated and purified from our Triterpene extract. Primarily used to further research or as a starting ingredient for specialized derivatives.



Betulinic Aldehyde

Purity levels from >98%

We have commercial-scale production capabilities for high quality Betulinic Aldehyde. If Betulinic Aldehyde is in your pathway, find out how our process can save you time and synthesis steps.

Betulinic Acid

Various purity levels from 95%-99%*

Our Betulinic Acid is not natural and is a synthesized from our Betulin.

*Because our patented process is designed to produce high purity, commercial-scale quantities, we do not manufacture Betulinic Acid at purity levels less than 95%.


Specialized Derivatives

Over 700 derivatives of Betulin, Lupeol, Betulinic Acid, and other birch Triterpene compounds.

Extensively tested for antibacterial and anti-fungal activity in a variety of applications.

Geared towards pharmaceutical applications, agricultural fungicides, and other industrial applications


Various purity levels from 96-98%
For pharmaceutical research applications only, at this time.

Our Lupeol is not natural and is a synthesized from our Betulin.

We have commercial-scale production capabilities for high quality Lupeol.

Contact us to learn more about our development support programs, including our product sample program for qualified institutions.