The outer bark of the Birch Tree is a significant source of natural triterpene compounds such as Betulin, Betulinic Acid, Lupeol, and Betulin Caffeates. We have more than 17 years of research and development into the extraction, isolation, purification, and synthesis of these compounds. Our products range from an all natural Triterpene extract especially suited for cosmetics and nutraceutical applications, to specialized derivatives for pharmaceutical applications

We are an active-ingredient manufacturer and do not manufacture or sell retail consumer products. This web site is not aimed at consumers and does not make references to finished products.


Cosmetic & Personal Care

Restore balance and beauty with soothing, healing birch extracts

Pharmaceutical Drugs & Research


Drive breakthroughs to impact population health

Dietary Supplements

Transform your customers’ health, and your bottom line

Innovation that protects our planet

We’re committed to integrity, safety, and accountability. Our unique extraction and processing technology, initially developed by the University of Minnesota’s Natural Resources Research Institute, is environmentally friendly from end to end.



· Our bark is a paper milling waste product
· We do NOT use bark from live trees
· All trees are sustainably managed and harvested


· We control all aspects of our supply chain
·  Raw material can be traced to where and when it was harvested


· Our quality control practices ensure purity and consistency
· Extraction processes follow Good Manufacturing Practices


Partnership that supports your success

We are currently engaged in partnerships with the University of Minnesota, research organizations, API manufacturers, and clinical development groups, all of which are all driving discoveries to transform human health and wellbeing.

Here are just a few of the ways we can help support your business:

Advance your R&D

· Leverage our expertise in developing specialized compounds and formulations
· License our extensive research and patent portfolio to guide new processes, products, and APIs
· Search our library of over 700 synthetic derivatives of Betulin, Betulinic Acid, Lupeol, and other birch bark actives
· Access our portfolio of 15+ patents related to birch bark processing and extraction, and HIV, Herpes, anti-fungal, and antibacterial applications

 Achieve scale quickly

From 1 to 10,000 kilos, we have the manufacturing resources to meet your needs