Birch Triterpenes have extensively been shown to have many important skin healing properties, as they are able to speed wound closure, reduce unsightly scarring, and inhibit underlying inflammation and oxidative free radicals. These properties make them an important consideration for innovative skin care formulations.

These unique compounds are scientifically and clinically proven to help condition and soothe the skin, strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier, and reduce the visible signs of aging

Powerful actives

Our natural birch bark extract comes only from the outer bark of the North American birch tree and is standardized for >98% triterpene content consisting of mostly:

· Betulin
· Betulinic Acid
· Lupeol
· Betulin Caffeate

Proven efficacy

The Triterpenes from birch have been shown to

· Minimize skin aging
· Reduce inflammation
· Inhibit free radicals
· Improve psoriasis
· Speed wound healing


Exceptional versatility

We offer multiple extracts and formulations to advance the research, development, and commercialization of skin care, hair care, sun care, oral care, and pet care products.